letters to my children : matty

Matthew or Matt-moo, as we like to call you, where has the time gone? You are no longer a baby but are becoming a little man ready to take on the world. I still pick you up and pretend you are little and you let me, for the most part. You tuck your little arms in between you and I and during that time I think of you as a little baby. Then the moment passes and you are off doing your own thing. You are one independent little guy. You don’t like to listen to other’s ideas on any issue, and there’s no talking you into anything. You have your mind made up and that’s that. I love that about you. Even though you are the baby of the family and very much like for others to do things for you, you have a mind of your own.

You idolize your brother and sisters. The bond you have with Jonathan is one that every mom hopes for with their boys. You of course fight like crazy, but the connection you have with one another is almost hard to explain. I am so thankful that you have a brother to grow up with, it’s something we prayed for when we were trying to have baby #4. We wanted you to complete our family as the second boy and that you did. I can’t imagine our family without our little Matt-Moo.

You are definitely the comedian in the family, your comedic timing is uncanny. We find ourselves shaking our heads and laughing at you daily. Everyone loves you because you’re not afraid to be different. You love to get a reaction and don’t mind being your crazy self to get that reaction. Embarrassment is not something that gets in your way, you are out to astonish everyone around you with whatever it takes. You came into this world in a shocking way and you’ve been out to carry on that reputation throughout your little life.

When I think of my baby being so big I get teary-eyed for sure, but then I’m also so excited to see the great things ahead of you.

I hope your raspy little voice sticks around for awhile… it’s so darn cute. You really are just about as cute as they come. Not only are you adorable with your long lashes and abnormally large bald head,  but add your personality in there and it’s overwhelming cute. I try and munch on your sweet little face as much as I can playing the “ooooo” game in your neck. I really can’t get enough of your contagious laugh. Sometimes you have a hint of that little baby scent, but the scent of daddy’s body wash after your shower is a reminder to me that you are indeed a little man.

Even though you are about as stubborn as they come, you also have the sweetest little heart. Nothing melts my heart more than when I come out of my bedroom dressed for the day and you look at me as say with that sweet little smile of yours, “you’re pwetty mama! When it comes down to it you are a tender-hearted little guy who is out to please. I have also noticed lately how much of an interest you have in learning about Jesus. The other day on your way out the door to vbs you couldn’t find your bible. Well you call it your bible but it’s really just a book you found on the bookshelf that you think is a bible. Abby decided to point out to you that it wasn’t actually a bible and in your stubborn little raspy voice you yell back, “YES IT IS MY BIBLE.” This back and forth went on for a few minutes and each time your voice would get a little more escalated and a little more adamant that you were right. Finally you held up the book to Abby and said, “See Abby it says right here HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!” At that point Abby just smiles at you and said, “Okay Matt, it’s your bible.” You had it opened on your lap “reading” it the whole way to vbs. Even though at times it’s hard to deal with your tenacity, it’s also something that I totally love about you.

 Matthew, I’m really looking forward to this last year with you at home. It’s going to be just you and me and I’m going to soak it all up! I’m so excited to see you continue to grow into the amazing little man you’re becoming. You are such a joy and I am so very blessed to be your mommy!


Sara Lee Stefanishin - Linsey, this is a most beautiful piece that you are sharing with us. It will be one of those things that gets saved and passed onto Matty’s children and their children to cherish. Love to you, Sara Lee.

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