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I was recently reading some blog posts, from a blog circle that a few of my photography friends are participating in. It’s called “Letters to Our Children.” While reading their posts, I started to tear up. It was so precious to read a mother’s words to her child. And what a gift to be able to look back on. I was inspired. I wanted to get back to writing to my children. I used to be so good about writing in their little journals. And I used to write religiously on my personal blog, making sure that those milestones and  memories were not lost. I miss it. Well I don’t miss writing, it’s not my strong suit, but I do miss having those posts to look back on. I want my children to be able to look back when they are older and remember what they were like at the different stages in life. My memory is horrible and so I know it’s super important for me to write these precious memories of life down so we can all look back and remember.

My dear sweet Abby girl,

It has been forever since I wrote to you. Your journal that I started for you when you were born has been collecting dust for quite sometime. I have been recently inspired to start writing to you again. I want you to be able to look back when you’re older and know what nine year old Abby was like. NINE!! What? How in the world did that happen? It seems like just yesterday you were toddling around with your bouncy little pigtails on top of your head, always with your pouty bottom lip sticking out as you were taking in the big world around you. You are growing and maturing, at what seems like a rapid rate, but you’re still the same in so many ways.

You were born with a zeal for life and always could do anything you set your little mind to. You walked at nine months and could recite your alphabet as soon as you could talk. You still have that same ambition. If there is something in front of you that you want to succeed at, you do. You don’t let anything stand in your way. At times it’s frustrating as your mom because you are so strong willed and already have your mind made up. You will even go against my wishes knowing you might have to suffer the consequences later, but you get accomplished what is to you of high-importance. I would be lying if I said you didn’t get that from me.

You got a Kindle for Christmas, but at the moment have your heart set on already upgrading to a Kindle Fire. You had no interest in chores before. In fact when we were discussing doing chore charts for money, you said no thanks. Week after week would go by and your brother and sister would be paid and it didn’t bother you one bit. You had no interest because there was no goal. Now with an end result in mind of owning a Kindle Fire you ask me almost daily what you can do to earn money. You are even trying to come up with clever ways to earn money. Asking to rub my feet for $2.00, knowing that I can’t resist a foot rub. Cleaning out your possessions, pricing them and trying to have a backpack sale for your friends at school. You and your sister are hosting a rock/ junk garage/chips and salsa sale out of our garage so you can raise more money. I’m afraid your only customers might be the deer, but it’s adorable to watch you so motivated. I would also be lying if I said you didn’t get your entrepreneurial itch from me. But, what it really comes down to is that you are determined and nothing will stop you. I have no doubt that you will own a Kindle Fire by summer. You are one that will move mountains one day with your ambition.

You are a beautiful girl with a laugh that lights up the room. But you are not just a pretty face, you have the brains that are going to take you so far in life. You want to be the President of the United States, and I think you would do a fantastic job! But, if life takes you down a different road, whatever you do I have not doubt you will be successful. The other day we were writing a letter to one of our friends in VA. I was helping you by telling you what to write down so we could get it done and in the mail. I looked down at the paper and saw that you decided not to take any of my suggestions. You wrote something entirely different… and it was better.

You are an amazing reader. You finished the fourth Harry Potter book in four short weeks. Your dad set a goal with you that if you finished that book by your birthday that you could get your ears pierced. You now have sparkly ears!

Lately you are always dancing, singing, writing songs and entering every Disney contest you can. You ask me all the time if you can be in gymnastics, dance, or take singing lessons. You want to be the President, but a close second to that is a famous star. You called about an audition that Disney was having here in Denver a few weeks ago. I was so proud of you. You talked to the lady, got your audition time and had everything set. After you got off the phone, and told me what time I needed to have you in Denver you said, “Whew, that was awesome. I was scared to call, but I did it! And it wasn’t that hard.” Love that!

I enjoy the time we get to spend together when it’s just the two of us. I get to focus on just you and the beautiful woman you are becoming. Your love language is quality time and so nothing brings you more joy than one-on-one time. I love watching you light up when we are alone and you finally have my full attention. Sometimes when we get home after school you and I will spend a few minutes alone in the car so you can tell me about your day, I know this is one of those small things that means a lot. To both of us.

I get sad when I think about how fast time has gone by and how big you are already. But I also can’t begin to describe what immense joy I feel watching you become the woman God has planned for you to be. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have you as a daughter.

Love you Abs


admin - Thank you so much Summer! And thank you for inspiring me to start this, I know I will be so thankful for these to look back on.

Summer McEown Murdock - just gorgeous…both the images and your letter! love!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you so much Jude <3!

Jude Wood - so beautiful Linsey! your images of your dd breathtaking. you’ve really captured this wonder filled age of 9.

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