kids were here : june

This month’s installment of “Kids Were Here” is dedicated to my children’s gang like tendencies  As I was going through the month’s collaboration of images there seemed to be a common theme, so I decided to highlight my children’s need to make their mark wherever they go. It started out as an innocent craft project of painting rocks, then took the form of them engraving their names in wood items throughout our home, to finally vandalizing the foundation of our house with cement paint. I’ve decided that I’m raising a little gang that feels the need to remind everyone that this is their territory. If we ever sell this house the new owners will never forget the children who previously lived here, the evidences are everywhere.

Thank goodness for this project because the day I caught them painting our house could have resulted in the cops being called on a mom gone crazy. Instead I used my camera as therapy. As I was shooting I was reminded of all the crazy things I did as a kid. And it caused me to realize that one day I will look back on this and laugh. It’s the creative, strong-willed, adventurous kids that go far in life… I keep telling myself. Life is way too short to let a little paint get in the way of enjoying the moment. I have to get my mom face on in front of them of course, but inside I’m laughing hysterically. It’s funny… it just is. I could list many stories about the adventures I had as a kid and I’m thankful mine will have some of their own. One day we will all be sitting around talking about the crazy things they did as kids and nothing will bring me more joy as a mom than listening to them talk about the time they painted the house.

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Melissa Lazuka - oh my gosh, this is really really funny, and so very sneaky of them! Ha! I have to say I kind of like that flower, maybe that could stay? LOL! Great joy keeping your cool 🙂

Heidi Smith - I love these too. What a great collection

Rebecca Chalmers - You will laugh…one day. And wow, this is so relatable. We have graffiti all over our house. So good Linsey. Love these all so much. XOXO

Summer McEown Murdock - I loooove this. Leaving their mark…as kids do. The painting on the house? Oh boy, you will laugh about this for years to come.

Jenna Reich - I think you definitely win the “Kids Were Here” gold medal this month! That is hilarious and appalling all at the same time. 😉

Sara Smith Garcia - Your light is just so unbelievably gorgeous in all of these images. I LOVE that your kids have literally made markings in and outside of your home. What amazing memories and awesome stories to have when they are older. Awesome post!

Ali Deck - Omg their “artwork” is hilarious……since it’s not MY house. 😉 You did a beautiful job of capturing it though! You’re a wonderful mama.

Jennifer S. Lester - I love this! I think the purple paint through the grass speaks most to me…of a project interrupted but that will be returned to.

Stephanie Beaty - I know you haven’t relished in the happenings this month, but I couldn’t love this post more! Fabulous 🙂

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