kids were here : july

Documenting the evidences that our kids were here.

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Dear Dad,

 I am sorry I wasted your shaving creme and put it in both sinks and here is some mony to bye new shaving creme. I am so sorry!

 Love Abby

 p.s. It was my mony and if it’s less mony give me change back please!




Sarah Halstead - These are all wonderful! Love the letter. So hilarious about her mony. I just posted my first ever set.

Breanna Peterson - that letter is so, so good- getting her change back, oh my goodness, love it! These are all wonderful Linsey!

Ali Deck - Yes Linsey! the letter is absolutely awesome! Fantastic work!

Roweena Timson - oh my goodness… I adore the letter from abby about the shaving cream! especially the line about wanting change back… so cute!

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