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kids were here: may

It’s time for May’s edition of “The Kids Were Here.” It really is amazing how fast a month can go… the main reason why this project is so important. Sometimes a little panic attack will set in when I start to think about how fast the days are going, it really makes this project so […]

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Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you Jude 🙂

Jude Wood - I love your bathroom shower curtain! (; the light in there is lovely. I love all these, you have such a wonderful eye!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Marla Kang You should!!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thanks Jessica, me too!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thanks so much Jackie, my daughter made that in school and is very proud!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you Ali :)!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thanks Summer! I hear you on the playdough, love hate relationship for sure.

Linsey Wilt Photography - Great minds think alike!! Loved your images!!

Linsey Wilt Photography - So sweet of you to say Claire, thank you! My husband saw the light up guy (Skylander Giants) one night and said, hey you should shoot him for your project, love that he found me a shot!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thanks you so much Shalonda!

Linsey Wilt Photography - I went through a time where I took all our playdough and playdough tools and tossed them all in the dumpster… I had enough. On this particular day I had so much to get done and they were all content and being quiet. And then it made for great KWH images, so it ended happy. I came out of my office and did a little gasp, then realized oh cool I have something to shoot for the project!

Melissa Lazuka - you are a good momma to let your kids get so creative with playdough! lol I love that kleenex box, someone spent a lot of time and love on that 🙂

Shalonda Chaddock - linsey! utter genius woman! utter genius! I adore the rainbows and boots, WOW we chase baby rainbows in our house too ;).

Stephanie Beaty - hey linsey – you stole my dishes. and out playdough too. I think our kids would make great partners in crime.

Summer McEown Murdock - yes…why can’t they put the tp back on…and the playdough..I have such a love hate relationship with that stuff. Good job lady!

Ali Deck - Your use of light is beautiful on these Linsey! Love them all, especially the bathroom one with the little clothes. 😉

Marla Kang - omg I really need to do this, what a great idea! It might help me appreciate the sweet time of their youth opposed to getting frustrated with the mess! How therapeutic! Thank you for sharing Claire!

Jackie Tyghem - So great Linsey! I love the Kleenex box..what a great idea! And that table with ALL the play dough. Ahhhh 🙂

Jessica Deane - These are just so adorable. My fav is the TP one 🙂

Claire Bunn - Linsey…your images always make me smile. I love the popsicle tissue box and the light up creature are just priceless. The bits of color from the playdoh is so fun. Excellent job!

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kids were here: april

We are a group of passionate photographers who are setting out to photograph details of evidence that KIDS WERE HERE. It is a fabulous idea introduced by the very talented and creative KETTI PHOTOGRAPHY. Photography is all about documenting those things we want to remember forever. It’s about capturing the details so that we can […]

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kids were here : october » Linsey Wilt Photography Blog - […] installments of kids were here: april, may, june , july & […]

Linsey Wilt Photography - Hahaha!

Julie Kincaid - Oh my goodness I was laughing so hard I was crying over the sign with rocks for sale! Kids are so funny!

kids were here: april » Linsey Wilt Photography Blog - […] you missed last months installment, you can view it here. Make sure to head to the main page and check out all the amazing photographers that are involved […]

Linsey Wilt - Thank you Ann!

Linsey Wilt - Perfect Carol!

Ann Katrin R. Pedersen Photography - These are soo cute 😀

Carol Schroden - Love this! It is too late for me because my children are grown. But I will be documenting “Grandkids Were Here” for my daughter and son-in-law.

Linsey Wilt - Thank you so much Jude… your comment made my day! I feel the same!

Jude Wood - I’m dying over the box houses. LOVE! and the cardboard box of money. exactly the kinds of things my kids would do. (; the ball at the end of the stairs–perfect. love your details, and the baby banket. <3 so happy to be doing this project with you!

Rebecca Leimbach - You’re welcome, me too!

Linsey Wilt - Thank you so much @[100000978833189:2048:Claire], your comment was super sweet!

Claire Bunn - Linsey these are amazing! I absolutely adore the first four. Is that Curious George in the first one? The sign, the ball, and the cardboard are just perfect. In fact, the image for the red ball looks like a scene from a movie. Excellent job. .. can’t wait to see your future images.

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you Breanna! Haha, love my little entrepreneurs! They ended up eating all their profits by the end of the day, lol!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you so much DeAnna <3!

Breanna Peterson - I want some salsa & chips 😉 & all the handwriting & the penguin- so beautiful!

DeAnna McCasland - Linsey these are gorgeous! The notes & the little house is to die for. Seriously what beautiful moments of childhood <3.

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thanks so much El! I had the Quesadillas and they were delicious, :)!

El Hogan - Lindsey, these are so great! And I want to go to Ellas Fancy Diner! Great to get to know your work through this group! xo

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thanks so much Lindsey! Thank you for saying that, it really made me smile! I defiantly don’t feel like our house is very magical. At all. For the most part I feel like we are a very boring house. But when you put it like that and when I take a moment to look at it through the eyes of my child it becomes magical… you helped me to see how even more special this is, thank you!

Lindsey Scott Bergstrom - pretty sure I want to be a kid in your house…loving the creativity that goes on in there. what a magical place. Makes me excited for the next few years when they start to really get involved in a project. loving the light in these.

Linsey Wilt - Thank you so much Courtney :)!

Linsey Wilt - Thank you Melissa! I was so glad that this project started right when spring break for us did because the kids were super imaginative all week! Lots of photo ops! That jar is home to a fuzzy little caterpillar!

Linsey Wilt - Haha, such a kick. What I love most is I was exactly the same way and so it feels like I’m reliving it through them. When they asked me to drive them around the freezing cold neighborhood to hang up the signs I had to let them, they get it from me. I remember being so excited about my little selling adventures. I sold mistletoe tied with a pretty red ribbon during Christmas time out front of walmart, lol! My friend and I actually made pretty good money, before we got kicked out, haha!

Linsey Wilt - Thanks Summer, haha! I will let them know, they will be thrilled to have a customer!

Melissa Lazuka - Linsey, that sale sign, and the “Ella’s Fancy Diner” one on the cardboard box house were too precious! and what was in that jar? I have had so many of those at my house, mainly pet grasshoppers for us ;).

Summer McEown Murdock - Awesome, sign me up for some rocks, soda, salsa, and chips. Just perfect Linsey.

Courtney Standridge-McAtee - I absolutely love this idea! You’ve done a beautiful job 🙂

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you so much sweet Rebecca! I am seriously loving this group!!

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you so much Maria! I agree, so precious!

Ginger Ingley Unzueta - Linsey Wilt..I loved these..and that sale sign..oh, my word how cute is that! so happy to be a part of this amazing project together.

Linsey Wilt Photography - Thank you Sarah! I know so cool, we will have to meet up someday!

Rebecca Leimbach - Awesome, as always, Linsey!

Maria Manco - My son is only two – but seeing those little handwritten notes seriously melted my heart – I know when he does start with that cute little kid handwriting I will lose it. Great photos!

Sara Smith Garcia - Linsey! A fellow Colorado photog! So glad you are in this group! My absolute favorites are the monkey on the window and the tiny basketball in that gorgeous light! Love all of these!

Linsey Wilt - Haha, I know it killed me. I was just like that as a kid too. It was so cute to watch them put the whole thing together and they were so shocked that they didn’t become rich on their endeavors… love it!

Shalonda Chaddock - Linsey Wilt Photography oh my word! I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore the rocks, soda salsa and chips, sign! eeeekkkk a kid after my own heart, heehee.

Linsey Wilt Photography - Aw Ali thank you!! Made me teary writing it, so thankful for this project. Today my house is a wreck (as usual) and I don’t care one bit. Working with joy in my heart rather than frustration.

Ali Deck - your opening made me teary linsey! LOVE the one with the cereal bowls!

Linsey Wilt - Thank you so much Sara, you make me smile! <3

Sara Kelly - Oh, these are just achingly beautiful, Linsey!

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