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kids were here : october

Documenting the evidences that our kids were here. Past installments of kids were here: april, may, june , july & august.  

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kids were here : november » Linsey Wilt Photography Blog - […] Past installments of kids were here: april, may, june , july & august, & october. […]

elizabeth pellette - awesome

Amy Butterfield - Love these Linsey =)

kids were here : august

Documenting the evidences that our kids were here. Past installments of kids were here: april, may and june & july.

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Ella Kreilisheim - How cute ! And what a great idea! My kids are grown up now, and we have a lot of pictures. But not like these , hehehe

Kids Were Here | October 2013 | kids were here - […] Linsey Wilt     Facebook  Blog […]

El Hogan - Beautiful Linsey! Love that monkey head! 🙂

kids were here : july

Documenting the evidences that our kids were here. You can check out the past installments of kids were here posts here, here and here. Dear Dad,  I am sorry I wasted your shaving creme and put it in both sinks and here is some mony to bye new shaving creme. I am so sorry!  Love […]

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Sarah Halstead - These are all wonderful! Love the letter. So hilarious about her mony. I just posted my first ever set.

Breanna Peterson - that letter is so, so good- getting her change back, oh my goodness, love it! These are all wonderful Linsey!

Ali Deck - Yes Linsey! the letter is absolutely awesome! Fantastic work!

Roweena Timson - oh my goodness… I adore the letter from abby about the shaving cream! especially the line about wanting change back… so cute!

kids were here : june

This month’s installment of “Kids Were Here” is dedicated to my children’s gang like tendencies  As I was going through the month’s collaboration of images there seemed to be a common theme, so I decided to highlight my children’s need to make their mark wherever they go. It started out as an innocent craft project of […]

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Melissa Lazuka - oh my gosh, this is really really funny, and so very sneaky of them! Ha! I have to say I kind of like that flower, maybe that could stay? LOL! Great joy keeping your cool 🙂

Heidi Smith - I love these too. What a great collection

Rebecca Chalmers - You will laugh…one day. And wow, this is so relatable. We have graffiti all over our house. So good Linsey. Love these all so much. XOXO

Summer McEown Murdock - I loooove this. Leaving their mark…as kids do. The painting on the house? Oh boy, you will laugh about this for years to come.

Jenna Reich - I think you definitely win the “Kids Were Here” gold medal this month! That is hilarious and appalling all at the same time. 😉

Sara Smith Garcia - Your light is just so unbelievably gorgeous in all of these images. I LOVE that your kids have literally made markings in and outside of your home. What amazing memories and awesome stories to have when they are older. Awesome post!

Ali Deck - Omg their “artwork” is hilarious……since it’s not MY house. 😉 You did a beautiful job of capturing it though! You’re a wonderful mama.

Jennifer S. Lester - I love this! I think the purple paint through the grass speaks most to me…of a project interrupted but that will be returned to.

Stephanie Beaty - I know you haven’t relished in the happenings this month, but I couldn’t love this post more! Fabulous 🙂

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