anna from latvia : denver portrait photographer

This summer we were blessed with a visit from Anna. Anna is from Latvia and contacted me through my website about the idea of coming to America for the summer and us being her host family. At first I thought it was just another spam email but this one sounded different, more personal. Something caused me to look into it further, I thought why not. And we were also intrigued with the idea of learning about another culture from someone first hand. It turned out to be a great experience and I will always be thankful for the time we got to know Anna and learn all about her and her country. I hope one day we will be able to visit her and explore the beauty of Latvia.

Not only is Anna amazing with kids, she also has such an eye for photography. She wanted to learn as much as she could while she was here, along with improving on her English. As bright as she is, she had no problem picking up on both. We saw her English improve over the weeks she was here and I was so impressed with how fast she picked up on the things we went over about photography. I know she will do very well if she wants to pursue it further.

We went out one afternoon to get her in front of the camera, I’m so glad we did. She is a beautiful girl inside and out.


Dan and Melissa - Wow! These pictures are STUNNING! I was blown away by her beautiful blue eyes!

elizabeth pellette - beautiful work…

Inese Adamovica - Skaista vasara Annai bijusi…..

Marcis Agnese Dejus - .. ,bet Dievam visas lietas iespējamas. Mateja 19:26

Estere Roze - Te manas Annas šīs vasaras piedzīvojumi. Ko vien neizdara, ja patiesi vēlas…

Roze Feldmane - Skaisti foto!

Evija Reiniņa - Beautiful Anna!

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