all four in school together… a mini backyard shoot to document it.


I really can’t believe all four of these loves are in elementary school together. We used to talk about how cool it was going to be that they had a few years all together in school… that day has come.  I did not plan on crying, but I ended up tearing up as we watched Matt walk in with his class. The significance of that last one being launched out on his own got me choked up.

Erik and I walked home together. Alone. In the quiet of the morning. It was weird and great all at the same time. When that bell rang this morning it marked the start of a brand new season for our family. Like with any goodbye there is some sadness. There are wonderful memories and trying times that have formed us into the people we are today. We cherish these last few years when all the kids were tiny, but at the same time we are excited for this next chapter.

The older three started school on Monday but we waited to get the camera out for the morning they all went together. They gave me ten minutes before they all were jumping out of their skin to start walking to school. I’m so thankful for these images, I will always look back and remember the significance of this day.




Sticking close to his Abby for support!


The Wilt gang… I love that they have each other.


I didn’t expect  him to be nervous but he had a lot going on in his head about his first big day!


Playing it cool.


Right hand, left hand, it all passes when you’re saying The Pledge of Allegiance on your first day of  kindergarten. Thinking this little guy next to Matthew might become a good friend.




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